Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shore Park In Pelham Manor

Squeezed between the New York City line and New Rochelle, Pelham probably has the shortest shoreline of any town on Long Island Sound. Less than a mile long, much of it is consumed by the grounds of the New York Athletic Club. Adjacent to the club is Shore Park, which is a simple, yet attractive piece of coastal access property. Maintained by the village of Pelham Manor, this is a resident-only park during the summer months. There are picnic tables, restrooms, and a playground, but most of the park is simply a large lawn that extends to the water.
Shore Park provides possibly the most attractive views of the Bronx one could hope to see. That's right I said the Bronx! Not exactly known for it's charm and natural beauty, the Bronx has a terrible reputation, with some of it deservedly so. The 2,700 acre Pelham Bay Park however, provides a backdrop here that is nothing but trees, herons, rocks and water. This is a view of the borough many never see, or even know exists.
The nearby neighborhoods in Pelham Manor also provide an enjoyable diversion. Lined with tudors, colonials, and stone churches, the sidewalks here make for an interesting and pleasant walk.
Soundbounder: Pelham Bay Park

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I love calm water. Over here we do not have sound or big lakes or big rivers. We do have nooks and crannies within a delta where water is still (until a zooming small anglers boat go by).

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Thanks LH, thanks OG!!!

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