Thursday, October 1, 2009

Faulkner's Island Light Brigade

The Faulkner's Island Light Brigade held an open house the first two weekends of September. The island and lighthouse, part of the Stewart McKinney Wildlife Refuge are off-limits the remainder of the year. The US Fish and Wildlife Service transported visitors aboard a small landing craft from Guilford to the island, while providing some background information on the refuge. Other visitors arrived by kayak and an assortment of small boats. I was impressed by the whole operation that took place.
The Brigade, through donations and volunteer efforts, works to preserve both the lighthouse and it's history. They also have worked to prevent further erosion on the island's east embankment. It is nice to see people involved in a local cause that they believe in.
New York Times: The U in Falkner
Wikipedia: Falkner Island
AudubonCT: Falkner Island
Note: While charts refer to the island as Falkner Island, it is known locally as Faulkner's Island.


Battle Park said...

I need to be reminded to get on this next year...

Unknown said...

One nice thing about being a member of the brigade is that you get sent reminders, and are given priority on the reservations for the open house.
It is definitely worth doing.