Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oyster Bay By William Jonas

I cannot recall when I first saw this painting, but I do know that I have always liked it. The slight hint of fall foliage; the sun low in the sky; I look at this and think a warm afternoon in early October. I read somewhere that the boat in this painting is the Clearwater. Oyster Bay holds it's annual Oyster Festival this time of year, so it could very well be her.

Born in Sea Cliff in 1948, William Jonas has lived in Oyster Bay for over 50 years. His portfolio includes many paintings of ships and boats along this part of the North Shore.

Oyster Bay Frame Shop: William Jonas
Oyster Festival: 2009 List Of Ships

image credit: N.... Authors


Unknown said...

Love the painting! Wow Mathew, you just keep them cominh!

Unknown said...

Real estate companies would love to build houses on the places your photos show.

Lisa said...

I want to be on that boat!

I am lost for words, yummy comes to mind.

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Where can I find William Jonas paintings?