Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stamford: A Tale Of Two Parks

I visited Cove Island Park in Stamford yesterday. It is a beautiful space that combines open lawns and a sandy beach, with a rocky shoreline and tidal marsh. I walked the perimeter of the park, stopping briefly to watch the waters of Holly Pond retreat through the falls of the old tide mill. It made for a beautiful afternoon. With plenty of daylight remaining, I decided to stop at Cummings Park which is about two miles away. It might as well have been 50 miles away. The park was empty, with the exception of a few parked cars and an occupant who kept staring at me. The fishing pier was in ruins, picnic tables were broken, and every structure seemed rusted, and in need of painting. The buildings had all the charm of a department of motor vehicles. I realize that every park is not going to be as nice as Cove Island. But I do question how one park can be so beautifully maintained, while another is allowed to decay? I think I know the answer to my question, but this is my first post, and I was hoping to avoid politics! Web Album: Cummings Park and Cove Island Park

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Stamford Talk said...

People have been complaining for, I think a couple of years, about the destroyed pier. I think a bad storm destroyed it. A little odd that it's still in disrepair. I have a feeling Cummings sees a lot less traffic (people, I mean) than Cove. And doesn't Cove have more walking paths?