Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shore Road Walkway Along Hempstead Harbor

I always like when I stumble across something I was not even looking for. North of Tappen Beach is a simple walkway with benches that skirts along Hempstead Harbor, connecting Sea Cliff to Glenwood Landing. It does not appear on any maps I have looked at, and is not mentioned on any park website. It does not appear to even have an official name. A helpful worker at Tappen Beach told me that it is sometimes called The Walkway, or the Shore Road Walkway. Whatever the name may be, it provides unobstructed views of Hempstead Harbor and the Sound beyond. Although I did not measure the distance, the walkway appears to extend about a mile-and-a-half. A string of park benches run along the seawall. There is no parking allowed on Shore Road or Prospect Avenue. Your best bet is to park in Sea Cliff, past the north end of the path, or at Tappen Beach during the off-season. If you happen to discover the official name, be sure to let me know. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


anonymous said...

How do you find these places?

Anonymous said...

I hope you were able to continue your walk up Shore Road into Sea Cliff. You leave the shore for a bit but get to look at wonderful Victorian houses. When you get to Tilley Place near the top of the hill, head down the road and go down the steps at the end. They lead down to the boardwalk along the harbor that goes around the point to Sea Cliff beach.

You can't beat the view, particular if you happen to catch it around sunset.

Unknown said...

Sea Cliff was where I was heading when I found this. Hopefully I can put a post together soon about it.
Thanks for your comments. You are right, it is a great place!

Caleb said...

I grew up in Sea Cliff and can't remember what the 'formal' name for this walkway is (I know that the Village has one for it as they maintain it regularly). The evenly spaced Sycamore trees and benches make this place stand out from the road and from the water. I have seen people park on Laurel Avenue and launch their kayaks from the beach which is across Shore Road.