Friday, September 25, 2009

Tide II

Tide II, Mattituck, August 2009


Ocean Girl said...

It looks like Gump's Bubba boat. Nice to fix-up and use as private boat.

Sorry if I missed your older posts but please tell some story about the boat.

Thank you.

matthew houskeeper said...

Unfortunately I do not know anything about this boat. I saw her tied up in Mattituck and just took a few shots.

Seafarer Gift Shop said...

I happened upon this blog posting completely by chance.... This boat is one of my family's (private) fishing boats at our docks. She's been fishing for over 30 years and still runs today. It is NOT available or abandoned LOL! The elements (sea, sun, salt) are harsh and workboats are NOT about being pretty...

Which actually makes them MORE photogenic... This boat's appeared on TV many times and has been painted and photographed many more times over.

She does have tales to tell... But day in and day out, she's just a humble hard working fishing boat.

matthew houskeeper said...

Thanks Seafarer!
I could tell by the nets that she is still in use.
A lot of the Mattituck boats I had trouble finding info on. I am glad you visited and provided some background for us.

Seafarer Gift Shop said...

Mattituck is a small village so of course my family knows all the other fishing and lobster boats and fishermen there very well(and some in Greenport and the south fork too), if you ever need some info.

You have some really really great photos on your site! Have you ever thought about selling prints or licensing some?