Tuesday, September 8, 2009

STV Unicorn

This ship has an interesting history. The hull of the STV Unicorn was constructed in 1947 using salvaged steel from German U-boats. Originally a Dutch fishing vessel, she was converted to a sailing ship in the 1970's. Measuring 118 feet overall, her deck is 90 feet long with a 22 foot beam. She offers executive training programs as well as community youth instruction. The Unicorn is the only all-female crewed tall ship in the world. Her home port is Perth Amboy, New Jersey.
Departing Port Jefferson just after dawn, I spotted her at anchor in the northern portion of the harbor.
Shooting My Universe: STV Unicorn In Gloucester
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Anonymous said...

Just so happens, she was probably on here way to Gloucester. According to the crew, she'll be spending some time here getting some work done in one of our yards. Nice photos.

Unknown said...

Thanks Steve! She has had a busy summer from the Chesapeake to Nova Scotia. She even ran aground in Woods Hole. That is probably the reason for the yard work.

bowsprite said...

mmm! noble and beautiful!