Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kirby Pond Tide Mill

Along Kirby Lane in Rye are several parking spaces directly across from the Tide Mill Boat Basin. The spot provides an attractive view of a former tide mill and pond. Built in 1770, the mill's grinding wheels (bottom photo) now mark the entrance to the marina. The Rye Nature Center has provided an interpretive sign that provides a brief history of the mill, along with a guide to the birds found on the pond.
Although there is not a park here, and the mill is private property, this location provides a unique view with peaceful surroundings. The building is a popular subject for artists and photographers. When I visited this week, a painter was setting up his easel, while a couple with a large black lab shared something to eat as they took in the view.
Tide Mill Boat Basin : History Of The Mill
Painting Rye: The Mill Pond (scroll down)
Wikipedia: Tide Mills


will said...

i'm looking for a new name for your blog here somewhere . . . .

Bethany said...

Great blog and wonderful photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. That was fun for me to meet a new person. Glad you got to enjoy BI in September too.