Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wooden Boat Show Parade (Sail)

Photos & Information: Wooden Boat Forum: WBS Photo Thread The Wooden Boat Show Canoez Tugster


Whitemist said...

nice boats, but I liked the schonner best. Did you see my rendition?

Anonymous said...

My family and I vacation off the coast of North Carolina and we love to see all of the Ships! Your photos are beautiful.

Kim said...

Your pictures remind me of how much I miss the coastlands. I will get there at some point this summer if it ever stops raining that it. ;o)

Steve B said...

Over the few years I have begun to recognize the wooden ships that frequent Gloucester. Perhaps some of the schooners will make it up for this year's Schooner Festival.

matthew houskeeper said...

A lot of the larger boats spend the summer traveling around to different festivals and events. There is a good chance you will see many of them.

Hi Kim,
You haven't missed much this past month with all the horrible weather. There was flooding and severe lightning on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. it is starting to get very depressing.

Mother & Wife in NC,
I agree! There is something really magical about these ships.

Yes I did see it. Great job! In fact I will email you about it. It's beautiful.