Thursday, July 2, 2009

School's Out

All right! Three whole months of Spaghetti-O's and daytime T.V.!
Bus driver Otto; The Simpsons
It certainly has not felt very summer-like this past month, but there is one thing I have noticed which makes it very clear that summer has arrived; children are out of school. While watching some of the wooden boats leave Mystic earlier this week, I caught these young men fishing for porgies in Noank and taking full advantage of their first days of summer vacation. For 10-12 year old kids (I'm guessing), they seemed to be very experienced fishermen. They were respectful of others around them, they did not litter, and they released many of the fish they caught. They even brought a camping stove with them to cook a few of the fish that they kept. I don't remember being anywhere near as organized at that age. In fact, I am still not that organized. Most importantly, they were having a blast. It sure beats hanging around a mall or playing video games all summer. Last Child In The Woods New York Times: Growing Up Denatured Boston Globe: Nature Nurtures Learning Why Kids Need Fishing


kate said...

It's good to see kids out fishing, or at least outside. I can't until my kid is old enough to tell her to "go outside and don't come in until the street lights come on!" that was the summertime rule in my house when I was growing up.

The river's about 100 feet from our front door, as soon as my little girl can walk she'll be getting a fishing pole.

hope the rain stops soon!! at least you're getting caught up with blogging. thanks for visiting my sunny pictures. wishful thinking huh? -kate

Whitemist said...

love the pictures! Used to fish often (my Texas days) and when i first came here, but the western sound is not what it was and I have to travel a bit for good shoreline fish. Glad these children are having fun (it certainly seems so)it brings back good memories.

Lily Hydrangea said...

these kids have really got it together! what a great story!

matthew houskeeper said...

Good points everyone.