Friday, July 9, 2010

Schooner Alabama

Following several days of treating her like some tabloid starlet who slept in a ditch, I guess it is only fair that I give  the Alabama her proper due. I must say, she looks much more attractive afloat than she does aground.

According to the website, she was designed by Robert F. McManus, a highly regarded architect of many Gloucester fishing schooners. Built in 1926, she served the Mobile, Alabama Bar Pilots until  her retirement in 1966. She was brought to Vineyard Haven in 1967, but it was not until a 1990's rebuild that she was fitted for sail.
While I am no fan of the Black Dog Tourist Empire (you won't catch me wearing a Black Dog T-Shirt), I do appreciate their fleet of ships. Along with the Alabama, the Shenandoah and Chantey  offer charters, excursions, as well as youth and educational programs.

Shooting My Universe: Alabama In Gloucester (beautiful photo)
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Lisa said...

Historic and nostalgic. Thank you.

WeSailFurther said...

I'm pretty sure this schooner's rebuild was reviewed in WoodenBoat magazine issue 149.

As ever, your blog is really great!

Erica Houskeeper said...

Beautiful shots. What a story!

Unknown said...

Yeah it was an amazing couple of days.
Redwing, thanks for the info. Hope your summer is going well.

Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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will said...

"like some tabloid starlet who slept in a ditch" that's a good line in ref to a grounded schooner. funny!! good series.