Thursday, July 8, 2010

Alabama Aground III

With daylight and high tide quickly disappearing, it looked as if the Alabama would remain stuck until the following day. Just as I was about to leave, the tugboat Gwendolyn arrived, providing hope that the schooner would be freed shortly. When all else fails, bring in the big guns.
I was certain this was the solution; the tug had more than enough strength to pull the ship free. But the brute force of the tug could not overpower its weakest link. Three times, a towline was attached and the Gwendolyn dug in hard with all its might. Like the sound of a whip cracking, the towline broke all three times. The optimism was short lived.
The sun was down; the tide was ebbing; and the tug was out of rope. It was time to call it a day.

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Bill said...

Obviously they're doing it all wrong :)

Lisa said...

This is too painful.

Anonymous said...

I can just hear Bob laughing over a beer.

Anonymous said...

The Alabama is a regular during the Schooner Festival up here in Gloucester. She sports the Black Dog flag.

If she needs any repair, she should come up to one of our ship yards and we will take good care of her. Gloucester is a deep water harbor. No worry about dragging the keel in the mud!

Unknown said...

That "know-it-all" talk really bugged me.

Ocean Girl,
The photos I have from this morning were really sad. She was sitting all alone in the fog like some ghost ship. Will try to post them tomorrow.

That's right! I remember all your photos of Unicorn after she ran aground in Woods Hole last year.
I'll be sure to pass on the message ;).

I can't imagine what Bob you are referring to.

Bill said...

"That 'know-it-all' talk really bugged me."

I'm not very fond of it either. Everybody's an expert until they're in the driver's seat. Then they have a million excuses...