Friday, January 8, 2010

USCGC Morro Bay

While visiting the USCGC Eagle in New London last September, I was able to get a close-up view of the USCGC Morro Bay, as well.  Built in 1981, she is a 140 foot tug with a beam of 37 feet. The ship made headlines in 2008 when she was involved in a collision with one of the Block Island ferries.  Her duties include enforcement and coastal patrols, but her primary function is icebreaking during the winter months.
This month, the Morro Bay is busy keeping the channels on the Hudson River open for navigation.

Below is an excellent photo gallery and video of the Morro Bay working on the Hudson. Unfortunately, to view them you need to be an Optimum Online or Newsday subscriber.

USCG: 140 Foot Bay-Class Cutters
Newsday: Photo Gallery
Newsday: Video
YouTube: Morro Bay Icebreaking
YouTube: Morro Bay Icebreaking On Kennebec River, Maine

photo credit: Newsday (bottom)


Lisa said...

The little engine that could.

WeSailFurther said...

Nice post. Newsday blows. Cablevision blows.

Unknown said...

Thanks OG!

I just read that Newsday has only 35 new online subscribers since they began blocking access. Doesn't sound like it has worked.