Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chester Hadlyme Ferry

Chester-Hadlyme Ferry, October, 2009
CT.gov: Ferry Schedule
YouTube: Ferry Crossing
Soundbounder: Restless Farewell (budget cut)

Note Gillette Castle in the upper left corner


Erica Houskeeper said...

Nice photos. Do they have many ferries crossing the river in CT?

Unknown said...

There are two that I know of:
This one, and the Rocky Hill- Glastonbury Ferry just south of Hartford.

Larry said...

Nice photos-that is an excellent spot from which to see Bald Eagles in the winter. Also good winter birding along the road leading to it.

Unknown said...

There is a boat out of Essex that does one or two winter Bald Eagle excursions.
It is a really beautiful stretch of the river.