Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Virginia Rounding Long Beach Bar

I have not posted in a while . I was away for part of the month, and then had no computer access when I returned. The good news is that I visited quite a few places, and accumulated lots of new material. One area I have not paid much attention to on this blog is the east end of Long Island. I was fortunate this July however, to spend an entire week under brilliant skies, bouncing between the North and South Forks, as well as Shelter Island.
Sailing into Orient Harbor, I spotted the Schooner Virginia leaving anchorage and sailing south around Long Beach Bar Lighthouse. Just days earlier, I had seen her docked in New London for the annual Sailfest weekend. Sometimes when you are sailing, the world becomes very small.
Soundbounder: Schooner Virginia


Jo said...

Virgina is wonderful state

I can't wait to see the new material

Unknown said...

I go and paint from Virginia sences often, Can not wait to see what you saw!

Anonymous said...

The Virginia is a yearly visitor to Gloucester. I'm hoping that she will be at our 25th Gloucester Schooner Festival this year. Her skipper is fricken awsome. He sails her from the inner harbor to the main harbor by sail rather than steaming out.

Unknown said...

Thanks Whitemist. Good to hear from you.

IMO, she is one of the more attractive schooners I have seen.
Most of them are nice, but the Virginia seemed especially nice.