Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oyster Boat Columbia

Oyster boat Columbia, entering Bridgeport Harbor, August 2009
CT HISTORY ONLINE: Oyster Boat Photos


Jeannette StG said...

Great pics, Matthew! Just the name oyster boat makes me hungry and think of oyster soup:)

will said...

so it really does oystering? some of these have been converted into fancy yachts.

Unknown said...

Thanks Jeannette!

It is the real thing. You can see the burlap bags in the middle photo. Also, if you click the Steel Point link, you will see the Columbia tied up at the Bloom Brothers docks.

babYpose said...

beautiful photos and blog too :)

Anonymous said...

those are clams.

Unknown said...

To all that have viewed these pics of the Columbia. I appreciate your positive comments. I operate the Columbia For The Hillard Bloom Shellfish Co. On daily bases and she is an exceptional boat.
Capt. Jack M
P.S. Those are bags of clams.