Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Party Boat Fishing

Bronx & Westchester 
Island Current, City Island
North Star II, City Island
Riptide III, City Island
Klondike, New Rochelle

Snow Goose II, Byram 
Middlebank II, Bridgeport
Black Hawk II, Niantic
Mijoy 747, Waterford
Sunbeam Fleet, Waterford
Sea Otter, Groton
Hel-Cat II, Groton

Long Island
Angler Fleet, Port Washington
Noli Eileen, Huntington
James Joseph, Huntington
Lori C, Stony Brook
Celtic Quest, Port Jefferson
Osprey, Port Jefferson
Captain Bob, Mattituck
Prime Time III, Orient
Peconic Star, Greenport

photo credits: photo 3 & 4 , Mikes Memorabilia Page


Unknown said...

Love the flounder in the lower picture...reminds me of my Houston.Galveston days!

Larry said...

I've been on a few of those.I remember being on the Hellcat on a day when the average wave height was 12 feet.Some of the waves coming in were higher than the boat.Everyone was sick including me.-But I did win the pool for the biggest cod-because it was the only one caught!I've had much better luck with the smaller charter boats out of Gloucester.

Unknown said...

I didn't realize flounder were in the Gulf. I always think of them more as a cold water fish.

Years ago I was on a trip like that out of Pt Judith. Not too much fishing went on. One of only three times I have ever been seasick.

Rina Millie said...
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