Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eatons Neck 1953-2004

Zach at Old Long Island has found an excellent site. offers aerial photos of the United States dating back as far as 1930. Eatons Neck provides an interesting comparison. This portion of the north shore was spared from the rampant Los Angelization that consumed much of western Long Island in the post war years. By 1980 however, the southern half of Eatons Neck had become developed, as farms and estates gave way to suburban housing. It also appears that the Sand City operation at Price's Bend (SW) was still in existence. Just to the east of here, the Keyspan Power Station was still just an idea on the drafting table. Also, the entrance to the Coast Guard Cove (NW) was much wider in 1953. The houses along Asharoken Beach (East) seem fewer and far between. Meanwhile, the northern half of Eatons Neck appears to have changed little in 50 years. Historic Arials Old Long Island About Eatons Neck Newsday: Eatons Neck


Mark Kreider said...

Seeing change is fascinating. I've checked out my neck of the woods. Thanks for the site!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tells a lot!

Unknown said...

I am always amazed when looking at things like this.
Actually, most of the development took place in a very short time period. Twenty five years or so.