Monday, April 13, 2009

Cold Spring Harbor State Park

Along Route 25A on the Nassau-Suffolk County line sits Cold Spring Harbor State Park. This is a forty acre park that climbs the bluffs that surround this attractive harbor. The park also serves as the northern trailhead to the Greenbelt Trail that links Long Island Sound to the Atlantic Ocean. I have been delaying my visit here for several months. The entrance to the trails involves a steep climb that would be difficult with an icy or muddy ground. I also did not want to visit when the leaves were in full bloom, thus limiting the view of the harbor below. My timing paid off handsomely. The air was about 50 degrees, but the sun was strong, and I was protected from the wind by the hills to the south. It is easy to see why this area was so appealing to the industrialists who built their grand estates here a century ago. The deep harbors, wooded bluffs, and irregular coastline make for an attractive setting. I didn't get much hiking in. I climbed the hill and found an overlook that provided an excellent view of the harbor below. I sat myself down on a rock and took it all in. New York State Parks Map Loving Long Island: Cold Spring Harbor Explore Long Island: Cold Spring Harbor State Park Hike Long Island Huntington Audubon Society

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Unknown said...

I can see why you did not do much hiking, awesome place!