Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fair Winds, Nantucket Lightship

Some of you may remember a story I wrote last year about the Nantucket Lightship. I am happy to report that on Monday, May 10, she departed Jacobson Pier in Oyster Bay, and is presently bound for Boston to become a museum. Her days of floating in limbo appear to be over. I must admit, as pleased as I am that the lightship will be saved, there is a little part of me that is sad to see her go.
Lori at Jarvis House has put together an excellent photo essay of  the departure.

Tugster: LV-112 Moves

photo credit: Jarvis House blogspot


Lisa said...

The one thing I learned is saying goodbye to a boat you like is inevitable.

Bursledon Blogger said...

There is life after light duties, locally we have the Mary Mouse


and I hear there are plans to refloat the Calshot light vessel which has been sitting in concrete for 20 years as a feature of Ocean Village.

Erica Houskeeper said...

Interesting that the ship will be a museum in Boston. I can see why a part of you is sad to see her leave.

Anonymous said...
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WeSailFurther said...

It left under its own power? Fare ye well, Nantucket!

Unknown said...

ah, the zen of being a lightship: they just are. And, they are so beautiful. Glad to hear this Nantucket will continue to illuminate.

Unknown said...

Ocean Girl, So true!

Thanks for the info. There was a possibility this lightship was going to be scrapped. So it's a relief to see her have a new home.

Sad to see her go, but it's certainly for the best.

There was a tug hidden in that photo. The Jarvis House photos tell the whole story.

I agree Christina.

Kirk artist said...

I've really enjoyed having her here. I'm an artist and paint boats and seascapes often...had not painted her while she was here...I wonder if that's why she left?I'll paint her from photos. I have a great photo of a prank done with the lettering on her side on Labor day 2008. Some kids took a one part of her first T off and put a similar size bar below the other part of the first t on the right side...It was corrected by officials within hours.

Unknown said...

Hi Kirk,
If you google Oyster Bay Nantucket Lightship, some good photos can be found. Hadn't heard about that prank.
Thanks for visiting, and send me a link to some of your paintings if you'd like.