Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shell Beach In Guilford

The stretch of Route 146 from Branford to Guilford is arguably the most rural section of the Connecticut shoreline. Farmhouses and barns still dot the landscape, and there are large portions of waterfront land that remain undeveloped. Along with the North Fork of Long Island, there is a sense of space here that can be hard to find in other regions of the Sound.
Despite the open landscape, coastal access here is very limited. Most roads leading to the shoreline are private, and there are many signs posted to remind you of this. There are exceptions however, and Shell Beach in Guilford is one of them. On the road leading to the beach community of the same name, is a small public space that borders the tidal flats along Island Bay.
It is really not much of a "beach". A more appropriate name would have been Sprained Ankle Beach. There are rocks, and lots of them.  But if you are like me, it is these passive, out-of-the-way places that are often the most appealing. It is a place to enjoy a quiet and unique view that is all too rare these days. 

CT Coastal Access Guide: Shell Beach


Erin | Bygone Living said...

Beautiful- I've heard of Guilford, CT before, and after hearing this account, I really want to visit!

Baydog said...

Along those undeveloped shorelines, is building restricted and/or is the land unsuitable for doing so?
Hopefully, it will remain unscathed. There is way too much development on the waterfront, anywhere you look. So many of the quaint bungalows and shore houses in NJ are razed every year and monstrosities are erected in their place. It changes the whole feel of a community and seems like a competition to see who can out-build one another.

Christine said...

It looks like you found a great unspoiled spot of the landscape. I will definitely have to visit!

Unknown said...

Guilford can be a little bit limited as a place to visit. But it is a great stop if you combine it with a Thimble Island Tour, and one of the New Haven museums.

Unknown said...

A lot of it nearby is preserve, but many areas are private land. I get the impression the neighbors don't want anything built there, and would fight any development.

Thanks Christine.
Welcome back!