Saturday, November 7, 2009

Oyster Boat S.W. Sheppard

On a hazy, windless, August morning, I spotted the S.W. Sheppard oyster boat working the beds just south of New Haven. Operated by the Norman Bloom Shellfish Company, she was built at the Stowman Shipyard of Dorchester, New Jersey in 1922. Searching for information about her on the internet, I stumbled across some photos of a restoration project that looked to be from the early 1980's. Unsure if these pictures were of the same boat, I emailed the Flanigan Brothers Boatyard. They were kind enough to respond and confirm that it is indeed her.
Flanigan Brothers: S.W. Sheppard Restoration
Stowman Shipyard: Ship Registry
Soundbounder: Oyster Boat Columbia


Carol said...

Love to watch the working boats. We spend a lot of time on a small boat.

Unknown said...

Last year (or maybe it was 2007) they found a nice bed of natural oysters in Stamford's Cove the clamming ares. It was a first since dermo and msx came calling on Long Island Sounds oysters. Apparently the oysters become naturally resistant to the diseases and the industry has rebounded.

will said...

i like posts on the fisheries of the sound. keep em coming, please.

Unknown said...

It certainly is encouraging to see them rebound.

Thanks. I'll do my best.

Thanks Carol!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

beautiful photos <3

Chase house guest said...

I’m watching the S.W. Sheppard dragging for oysters right now in Branford Harbor! Beautiful