Sunday, June 7, 2009

Morgan Point

Morgan Point, July 2008


Unknown said...

I must keep encouraging you! This is a wonderful collection of places, many I have never been, Thank you.

Larry said...

I'm going to switch to some shorebirding soon so I'll be scoping out your posts for ideas.

kate said...

yet another beautiful picture! You have an award waiting for me at my blog -kate

Christine said...

Lovely! I like the how you captured a sliver of each sailboat.

will said...

i concur with all the comments , matt, but i'd encourage you to put the time of day also. cheers

Unknown said...

Thanks Whitemist!

I haven't written about it yet, but Bluff Pt in Groton looks to me like a great birding area.

Thanks Kate!!!!
Thanks Kristine!!!

Will, you are right, but I can't remember. I took many photos both at dawn and at dusk. I am pretty sure this was about 8:30 PM.