Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Oysterman At Work

Noank, April 2009


Unknown said...

Where was this? A couple of years ago, a large natural oyster bed was found in the recreational clam beds off of Cummings beach. There was some interesting issues because the 2 do not normally coexist (rocky vs muddy) and an attempt to move them was made in exchange for some nice clams for the area. The issue became strange when the state came in and complained. Oh well. I love oysters, would have loved them!

Larry said...

I tried oysters once and didn't much care for the.Of course I was only about 8-maybe I'll give them another try.

Unknown said...

I should have mentioned that this was taken in Noank. That is Ram Island in the background.

That is so bizarre that you mentioned that, because I am putting together a post about eating clams as a 7-8 year old. You are not psychic, are you?

SabrinaTheArizonaDesertRose said...

I was looking up info on oystermen and found this blog. I've recently found out that one of my ancestors was an oysterman in Mobile, Alabama. I found that pretty fascinating. Now I must admit, though, I'm not crazy about oysters unless they're in gumbo.