Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Steel Point Oyster Fleet

Any of you who have followed the Steel Point soap opera in Bridgeport, know that the Pequonnock Yacht Club and Tallmadge Brothers Shellfish Company have been at the center of the eminent domain debate. Both parties were ordered to be relocated, to make way for a large residential and retail complex on this former industrial site in Bridgeport Harbor. Last week, the Steel Point project was scaled back, with residential housing no longer included in the plans. Last month, I visited the Tallmadge Brothers, Norwalk location that includes a replica of a 19th century oyster house. The Bridgeport fleet is located in a much more industrial area with chain link fences and barbed wire everywhere. I could not get as close to this fleet, and was forced to photograph the boats through a broken link in the fencing. I remember reading a story about urban renewal disasters that highlighted the city of Niagara Falls, NY. Portions of the town were demolished to make way for new shopping and amusement attractions. The buildings were torn down, but the money ran out before the new structures could be built. The business district was left with vacant lots, partially completed buildings, and empty pits. "There was a great plan for tearing everything down, but not a good plan for building things up." It does not appear that the Steel Point project will be happening anytime soon. Nonetheless, the yacht club and oyster boats are scheduled to be off the property later this year. STEEL POINT: Aerial Photos Map

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Anonymous said...

We have a similar fiasco happening here in Gloucester on Fort Square. You hate to see a good marine usage get condoed over.