Sunday, December 21, 2008


My original plan was to post a story about Southport from a summer perspective. A walk along Harbor Road during all of its summer splendor provides one of the most attractive waterfront settings in Fairfield County. The finely fitted yachts moored in the harbor with their proper burgees flying. The well kept colonial homes with their understated elegance and gardens. The stately Pequot Yacht Club, that seems to be the cover photograph of choice for many regional atlases and guides. The village of Southport is a beautiful setting during the warmer months, and I highly recommend a visit. Beauty however, comes in different forms. I visited Southport just a day before the winter solstice, as a fresh layer of snow blanketed the landscape. The bunting and flags were nowhere to be seen. The gardens were dead and buried under the snowfall, while Perry's Green was a study in gray. The sailing yachts that decorated the harbor were now covered in khaki green tarps that resembled tents from some long ago army camp. The Mill River and the golf course were void of activity, except for some waterfowl that huddled near the shore. On a day that was the opposite extreme of summer, there was beauty in the starkness of it all. Southport: WebAlbum Map


Mike said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my Montauk blog. You have a nice blog here. Always good blogs I miss. Just too many to see. I can link to your blog if you like. It would be a nice fit with my Montauk blog. Let me know if it is ok. You can link to mine if you like also.

I went to Montauk this summer and it was foggy and cloudy. But I love the effect it gave the pictures anyway. Im going back next summer and take probably another 100 pictures with blue sky this time. Different angles also.

The oldest pictures on that blog are not digital but still came out very nice anyway.

Nomad said...

Nice blog and nice photo's

Anonymous said...

merry christmas!!! God bless you and your family. =D

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