Saturday, October 30, 2010

Inlet Pond In Greenport

About this time last year, I spent a day wandering around Long Island's North Fork. I had no real agenda or destination, so when I stumbled across something interesting I would stop and explore further. One of the highlights of my day was Inlet Pond Preserve on the outskirts of Greenport.

Consisting of approximately 50 acres, Inlet Pond is a county preserve maintained in cooperation with the North Fork Audubon Society. There are a network of trails that wind their way around the property; I followed the Blue Trail which circles the pond and leads to the adjacent beach.
Despite the name, there is no inlet connecting Long Island Sound to the pond. My first guess was that an inlet once existed, but had been sealed shut from some long forgotten storm.  Several websites however, claim the pond is freshwater. If I were a better investigative reporter, I would have verified the salinity myself. Shoulda, coulda, woulda!

After combing the beach and circling the pond, I arrived at an observation deck which provided a nice overview of  the land I had just walked. On one side, the pond was protected by a few short bluffs that were quickly losing their autumn color. And on the other, just a thin spit of sand was all that separated it from that "domesticated body of water"*  known as Long Island Sound.

North Fork Audubon
From The North Fork
Gail's Trails: Inlet Pond (map)

*quote: F Scott Fitzgerald; The Great Gatsby


Mark Kreider said...

Lovely photos... nice spot. I've been to the park in all seasons including when there was plenty of snow on the ground! My last time there was three weeks ago when we walked the trail with my father-in-law who will be 80 at Thanksgiving. He used to spend summers on Jockey Creek in Southold as a kid and remembered when some of the park acreage was farm land.

One day we'll meet and I'll buy you a London Ale at the Chowder Pot Pub!

jeannette said...

Your first pic is one of those stunning views of water and skies -I love these colors!

And your post below, the 2nd pic of the red bench is amazing -very Edward Hopper like!

John Eric "icko" Silla said...

nice photo and place. i wonder if its the location of most romantic movies like "dear john" and etc.

matthew houskeeper said...

The Chowder Pot Pub??? Your singing my song!

Thanks Jeannette, thanks John.