Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Five Islands Park

I see this often: an appealing waterfront park is overshadowed by a grander, more famous one nearby. That  seems to be the case with Five Islands Park in New Rochelle. Tucked away at the end of a narrow road lined with municipal garages and a water treatment plant, is this 15 acre city park of small islands connected by a series of bridges.
While many are familiar with nearby Glen Island, this unique space along Echo Bay remains somewhat obscure. Five Islands doesn't have the Jazz-Age design or manicured feel of Glen Island, but instead has a more natural, even rugged landscape. Pathways wander through wooded areas skirting an untamed shoreline of exposed bedrock and glacial erratics. It is easy to imagine this is what Glen Island looked like a century ago.
As with many shoreline parks, the big drawback here is that Five Islands is restricted to city residents. But on a recent September visit, I had no trouble entering the park and enjoying the beauty of a sunny, late summer afternoon.


Thomas Armstrong said...

Looks beguiling.

Deb said...

Just wanted to say thanks for your site. We recently completed a very quick circumnavigation of Long Island and prior to the trip I spent a lot of time on your site looking forward to what I might see. The trip was way to short and served only to whet our appetites for a long cruise in the area when we can do it on our own boat and in our own time schedule.

Thanks again for your thoughtful treatment of this incredibly fascinating area.

S/V Nomad

Ed O'Malley said...

Hi Matt - If you haven't done so before, I'd also recommend you visit Manor Park, in Pelham Manor. It sits right next to the NY Athletic Club's property and has beautiful views of the Sound. In-season it's nearly impossible to get into the park as a non-resident (an old lady sits at the gate with the tax rolls), but this time of year it's generally open. My wife's family is from that town, and it's one of the spots I escape to when I need a break from the in-laws. :-)


Anonymous said...
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matthew houskeeper said...

Thanks Thomas!

I agree! I've been to both Manor Park in Larchmont, and Pelham Manor Park. If you follow the Westchester link, you'll find some photos from last year. Didn't realize you had a connection to this area.

Thanks Deb for your kind words. I spent some time reading about your trip and watching the videos. Nice work.

Sorry to everyone for the slow response.