Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Boating Local" Visits Noank

Tom Richardson of Boating Local paid a visit to Noank recently, and spent a few hours aboard Carina  for a tour of the local waters. We visited some obvious landmarks such as the local lighthouses, along with West Harbor on Fishers Island, and a few small islands that dot the charts.
For those of you not familiar with Boating Local, it was started by Tom and several others who previously worked for the now defunct Offshore Magazine (aka Northeast Boating). Based out of Buzzards Bay, the site covers boating and fishing for the entire New England coast. Along with marine-related news, they have done some excellent work profiling the harbors and towns from Connecticut to Maine.
I haven't spent much time in front of a camera and I must admit to being a bit nervous. Maybe not nervous, but certainly aware of the camera at all times and self conscious about it. I'm sure there were entire segments he couldn't use because of my constant slurring and tripping over words.
I did however gain a new appreciation for video work. It is not easy being on a rocking boat and putting together a film segment in a relatively small cockpit with the wind blowing. The camera itself was small, but there were tripods, battery packs, and an assortment of equipment needed to put this together.
One of the nice features about Boating Local is that along with the stories, there are often  video segments accompanying  them.  It is a nice touch that bridges the gap between periodicals and generic, stock  footage.

I'll be contributing some stories to Boating Local, and I am glad to be aboard.

Here are some recent profiles of New England harbors:
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Steve Borichevsky said...

Hey Matt, this is pretty cool! Go Cats Go!

Best regards,
Steve, '83 and '86

matthew houskeeper said...

Thanks Steve,
'88; I should have been '87, but took a year off to travel south aboard the boat I worked aboard.