Friday, June 11, 2010

Thomas Oyster House

On the grounds of Mystic Seaport, sits the former building of the Thomas Oyster Company. Constructed circa 1874, this house stood in the City Point (aka Oyster Pt) section of New Haven. According to the museum, New Haven was once the largest oyster distribution center in New England.
I haven't visited City Point in years, and a post about this unique neighborhood is long overdue. In the meantime, the links below provide some photos and history of the former oyster capital.

Mystic Seaport: Thomas Oyster House
City Point: Historic Photos
New Haven Preservation Trust: City Point 


家vRegg明 said...
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jeannette said...

Oysters...yum! Next week, Matthew visit us at Yosemite, you'll find me painting there where hubby can fish for trout:)

Andrée said...

great links. I have a daughter that lives in City Point, and now I have more knowledge of the area. Thank you!

matthew houskeeper said...

Sounds beautiful Jeannette. Looking forward to seeing your work. Have fun.

At some point I need to make an actual visit back there. Most likely won't happen until the Fall or Winter.

Larry said...

I'm glad you are covering Mystic.That's a subject that interests me at the moment.

Wendy said...

I would love more pictures and more history on this. I am a great granddaughter of Capt. Thomas Thomas, and wish that I had asked more questions when I was little and my grandmother was still alive.