Friday, April 16, 2010

Callahan's Beach

This is one of the more impressive town beaches I have visited. Callahan's Beach in Smithtown resembles a small state park in many ways. Most of the property sits atop a high bluff that provides sweeping views of Long Island Sound. There is a large picnic area, and camping is allowed here as well. A wooden stairway leads down the bluff to the beach below.
Some repair work was taking place on the stairway, so instead of walking along the beach, I walked the edge of the bluffs. I have a fear of heights which forced me to stay back a good distance. At least three times, a sense of weakness and dizziness came over me and I had to move away. The photos above make it appear that I was much closer than I really was.


Steve Borichevsky said...

I'm with you! I can't get near a cliff.

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Smithtown on Long Island? If so, I must check this out!

matthew houskeeper said...

Sometimes it doesn't bother me as much. Gay Head in Martha's Vineyard is higher, but it seems to be a more gradual slope. These here just drop right off. All you see are the top and the bottom.

It is off Rte 25A between Sunken Meadow and Crab Meadow. There are residency requirements in the summer

Erica Houskeeper said...

Oh, I know that weak feeling you're talking about. Great photos. Looks like a beautiful spot.

Larry said...

Interesting-I drove a co-worker up MT Graylock in Mass one day and she dropped to the floor of the van in a panic when she had a view looking down.Nice looking park.

matthew houskeeper said...

Thanks Erica.

I'm not that bad but I can get overwhelmed by this strange feeling. My legs get all rubbery, and sometimes it feels like the ground below me is moving. Mountains don't usually bother me.
I am useless on a pitched roof.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys i have two questions..
How do you reserve a camping spot at this beach and how old do you have to be to reserve one?

matthew houskeeper said...

I don't know about age requirements but the Smithtown Parks department has the info for camping. You may have to be a resident of Smithtown.
I don't have the website in front of me, but just google Smithtown NY Parks Department.
Good Luck

Allen Smith said...
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Sandi Gill said...

Thanks for the wonderful photos of Callahan's Beach. We swam there in the Sixties, it looks amazingly unchanged. There are still high cliffs and steep wooden steps. The top of the cliffs were full of brambles and poison ivy, and I don't remember the park, though it may have been there. The beach itself was rocky, both on the sand and in the water, and we were ever vigilant for horseshoe crabs.