Friday, December 11, 2009

The Late Season Fishermen

Without looking at a calendar, I can sometimes determine when a photo was taken by simply noting the activities taking place. By late September, the swimmers and sunbathers give way to dog walkers and fishermen. In December, the pets and their owners are still on the beach , but the fishermen are mostly gone.

These photos were taken last month at West Beach in Westbrook. It is a small, slightly rundown, town beach that is mostly consumed by it's parking lot. With the afternoon sun low in the sky, these fishermen took advantage of one of the dwindling, late season, mild days.

CT Coastal Access: West Beach


Bethany said...

Love your observations.

Larry said...

I like your connection between the seasons and activities of people. Nice photos too. I used to fish for blackfish as late as Novemeber.I will be over in that westbrook area in January looking for birds in an annual event called big January.

kate said...

My little blogging break has meant I missed so many great pictures on your posts! I love these shots of the fishermen, might have to walk down to the ocean today despite the cold! -kate

matthew houskeeper said...

Thanks Bethany!
November is a big Blackfish month.

I haven't been out in December. I have been dipping into my older photos.

Lily Hydrangea said...

you would never know this is a run down town beach-these photos are beautiful!

matthew houskeeper said...

What I meant by that was the buildings, benches etc are all slightly rundown.