Monday, October 26, 2009

Hodge Family Wildlife Preserve

Approximately three miles north of the Block Island ferry dock sits the Hodge Family Wildlife Preserve also known as Hodge Farm. This is 25 acres of mostly-meadow, that slopes to the west, providing spectacular views of Block Island Sound. Created in 2002, the preserve is the result of a 20 year effort by the Nature Conservancy, Block Island Land Trust, Block Island Conservancy, the town of New Shoreham (Block Island), and individuals.
Over 40% of Block Island is publicly accessible, protected land. Opposition to a proposed 1971 housing development in Rodman's Hollow is often credited as the beginning of the preservation movement on the island. The partnership and commitment between conservation groups and individuals has led the Nature Conservancy to list Block Island as one of the Last Great Places in the Western Hemisphere.
On a beautiful, late summer day this September, I spent a good portion of the morning walking out to North Light, and then following a portion of the Clay Head Trail. Reaching the Hodge Preserve, I could have continued on to West Beach, but I instead chose to stay right here. The meadow of goldenrod, with it's views of ponds and ocean in the distance was all too apealing.
Providence Journal: Saving Block Island
Nature Conservancy: Hodge Family Wildlife Preserve


Lily Hydrangea said...

Block Island, one of my favorite places to vacation. We take a backpack with our bikes on the ferry over there from Montauk. It's the greatest place to just "be".
thank goodness the people that live there realize what they are preserving.
Nice post.

kate said...

Will add it to the list of places for a future ramble. Like the new header too! -kate

Bethany said...

Oh, I love this post, great photos. You're inspiring me to blog about my Hodge walk this September too. My pics didn't turn out so great. But you're right about the goldenrod. Did you notice the white thistle? I'd never seen it in white before. Thanks for sharing. And I love your new header too.

matthew houskeeper said...

Lily, Kate, Bethany,
Thanks everyone. It is definitely a great spot. Plus you can access other trails and beaches nearby.

As for the header, I think it is a bit too bright.