Saturday, October 17, 2009

Das Boot

Perhaps it is a coincidence, but I rarely see submarines in the summer months. During September and October however, I see them quite frequently. They move along at a good speed and have a habit of sneaking up on you. Despite being surfaced, they seem to blend in with the horizon, until you eventually realize that a portion of the horizon is moving towards you.

My first encounter with a submarine occured about 25 years ago between Montauk and Block Island. It was also the scariest. With no other boats around and a relatively calm sea, a submarine surfaced on our starboard side. I don't recall how close it actually was, but it's sheer size made it appear to be right alongside us. I still remember the 5 seconds or so, where I did not know exactly what was happening. It was as if the ocean just opened up.

I have yet to visit the USS Nautilus Museum in Groton, but it is on my rainy day list. According to its website, it has the largest collection of submarine artifacts in the country. Visitors can also tour the USS Nautilus, which was the first nuclear powered submarine. Admission is free.


kate said...

I think I, too, would be a bit freaked out if a full nuclear sub surfaced right next to me. The whole "sneaking up" thing is the point of subs I suppose.

Lisa said...

Wow I hope they saw you before they surfaced up.

will said...

where did you take the foto?

Canoez said...


You can be sure that they probably have a better idea of where you are than you do of where they are!

Unknown said...

Canoez, OG, and Kate;
I wasn't worried. A sailboat always has the right of way. ;)

This was off New London. They always seem to follow the same course. They cut out through The Race, and then head SE between Block Island and Montauk

Wally 80 said...

Caonez said: "You can be sure that they probably have a better idea of where you are than you do of where they are!".

The Ehime Maru found otherwise.

Larry said...

Interesting-I saw that movie too-in fact I have it on DVD-has great sound.

Jerr Dunlap said...

Boy, I'd be leery of that, as well! In my waters, such a sighting would be likely to be drug smugglers - Eek! Thanks for giving an insight into your world. I'm enjoying it.
- Jerr

Unknown said...

Thanks Larry, thanks Jerr,

There have been some collisions over the years. There is that famous one off of Hawaii about a decade ago.