Friday, April 22, 2011

Fire Island Schooner Update

I've been unable to make a return visit to Fire Island for an update on the schooner Le Papillon, which has been beached at Saltaire for over three weeks now.
Thanks to the wonders of the internet, Tugster, Saltaire38, and Frank Markus have provided some photos of her from last weekend. With each passing day, she looks less like a beached schooner, and more like a shipwreck.

Tugster: Ashore 4
Saltaire 38: After An April Storm
Frank Markus: Photo Gallery

Soundbounder: Ashore On Fire Island

photo credit: Frank Markus, copyrighted (top); Tugster (bottom)

Le Papillon in better days. I received an email last week from Shirley who knows the boat well. She wrote: "I sailed with her in Moorea some years ago & wondered where in the world the schooner was now. I attached one of the photos I took that year."


Emille said...

Tugster wrote me back on Facebook -what a riveting story! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Ken Mac said...

so cool. Have you seen that documentary movie about the 1960s round the world race sponsored by the London TImes?