Friday, May 7, 2010

The 7:05 Out Of Noank

Officially, Fishers Island belongs to the State of New York. It's shortest distance to the mainland however is with Rhode Island. It has a Connecticut zip-code, an east end of Long Island area-code, and views of Block Island. To reach the island, one must take a ferry from New London (there is a small airport too).
Most of Fishers Island is private and residential. As you may have already guessed, it is also very expensive. Much of the work that takes place here is performed by off-island residents. The girl at the pharmacy, the landscaper, and the electrician are often residents of southeastern Connecticut who commute here daily. That's where Baby Doll comes in.
Along with one other boat that I am aware of, Baby Doll departs Noank twice each morning and ferries workers to West Harbor on Fishers Island. In the afternoon, she does it all again and returns them home.
Sure beats the Cross Bronx Expressway!


Mari said...

Why is it call Baby Doll?mere curiosity...

Larry said...

Never been there-Maybe this summer.I remember reading about a bar that was half in one state and half in the other-the patrons would move to the other side of the bar to avoid the law-or something like that-.

Unknown said...

I have heard that story too. Only it was on the VT-NY state line.

I have no idea. Maybe one of these days I will meet the captain and learn the whole story.

Unknown said...

A restaurant here serves oysters from Fishers Island. But a friend said there ARE no oysters in Fishers Island.

Could these be the lucrative source of income for Fishers Isle residents, these $3 a pop, item de luxe at Wall street restaurants?