Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Commissioning

Old Saybrook, April 2009


will said...

hi matt--great wooden boat work pics. about posting onrust call . . . please do. talk soon, i hope. we're planning waterbloggers 2 gathering may 16 in manhattan

angelshair said...

Wow! You live in Long island! This is one of the most beautiful place I have ever seen!! The first time I came in the US, we decided to go to the beach in Long Island. It was a rainy day in june:-). We spend I think more than 3 hours on the road, get lost, and finally found a so beautiful place. It was like we were at the end of the world.
Since we live here, I am trying to find that beach again, but I can't, as I don't remember the name^_^.But it stays in my mind as a very magical place!

jeannette stgermain said...

This pic brings us good memories!
My hubby was born in an area, with so many lakes and sailing was THE sport (NE of Holland). Since he came from a blue collar family, he never had the chance to learn to sail. But once he was a speaker at a sailing camp, so he finally learned to sail. Since I was 8 months preganant, I didn't want to chance it.

Whitemist said...

Funny that I have never sailed on Long Island Sound. Fresh water lakes in the area, yes, Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic ocean, yes, but not Long Island Sound. Seems a bit strange that I have not, especially with my interest in it.

matthew houskeeper said...

You got lost on Long Island? I have never heard of such a thing. :)
Welcome aboard! I don't actually live in Long Island. I will be sailing out of eastern CT this summer.

Yeah, pregnancy and learning to sail probably don't go hand in hand.

We are going to have to do something about that!