Monday, March 16, 2009

Dredging The Nissequogue

Nissequogue River dredging project, Kings Park, January 2009 Map


Jeannette St.G. said...

Uugh, it looks very cold to dredge!

matthew houskeeper said...

Yeah, sometimes they have to do it in the winter so that they don't block the channel.

Redwing said...

I had the opportunity to mention your blog this weekend to a couple of guys who go boating from the Nissequogue River!

What a coincidence!

I was taking the Safe Boating Course; the same course that is required to ride a (freaking annoying) jetski. In the class was a father-son combo who go fishing in Smithtown Bay: Charlies Jr & Sr.

While we were discussing various boat ramp and access points I threw your blog into the conversation. Now I really hope they find it.

Redwing said...

Ah, just to clarify, I was taking the course as it is a requirement for a US Sail course I want to take.

matthew houskeeper said...

Thanks RedWing,
What a coincidence, because I just mentioned your site to a friend who owns a C&C 27.
I think it is a 1972.
Hope you are doing well.
Won't be long now before we are getting everything ready.

Whitemist said...

Better in the winter than any other time, the bacteria that gets dredged up only dies off this way instead of creating problems that it would in the summer.

matthew houskeeper said...

Yeah, also I think some places avoid dredging during the shellfish spawning periods.