Sunday, January 11, 2009

Old Mill Beach In Westport

If I had the motivation, I could put together a collection of the mill ponds that border Long Island Sound. I would not be at a loss for material. The ponds are a common feature along many of the harbors and coves I have visited, and each is unique in its setting, history, and design. Despite their abundance, they often remain an uncelebrated sight, tucked away on some remote and leafy residential peninsula. Situated between Compo Beach and Sherwood Island State Park in Westport, is Sherwood Island Mill Pond and Old Mill Beach. The low tide at Old Mill allowed me to walk a great distance out on the flats, but I was more interested in the view to the north. The waters of the pond made their way down some falls, before following a tidal strait that divided the beach. A pair of wooden footbridges spanned the falls, and created the rare situation where I spent most of my visit with my back to the Sound. OLD MILL BEACH: WebAlbum Map


E. Thai said...

Got to your link from Livingaboard forum. Beautiful pictures! I used to live and boat in the NE area, and just love the scenery.

Mike said...

Matthew, your photos are great! You are adding a bunch of destinations to my spring itinerary!